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How do you get warts on your feet? -Arizona Foot Doctors

How are plantar warts treated?

Plantar warts often resolve themselves in a matter of weeks or months as the body’s immune system attacks the virus. The best prevention of plantar warts is wearing shoes in public spaces, regularly cleaning bath mats, and frequently changing socks or hosiery. However, if you’re experiencing many warts or plantar wart pain that interferes with everyday activities, common interventions for plantar warts on your feet are available:

  • Salicylic acid products. Salicylic acid products dissolve the wart over the course of daily treatment for 1–3 months. These products can be found over the counter at most local pharmacies for a price range of $10–$30, depending on the brand.
  • Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy refers to freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen until it falls off the skin. For small plantar warts on your feet, home-kit cryotherapy is available over the counter for a price range of$10–$30. To treat larger warts or to ensure more accurate targeting of the wart, a podiatrist can give you cryotherapy treatment.
  • Curettage. Curettage refers to cutting or removing the wart through laser or electrocautery. Only a physician can do this.
  • Home remedies. Various essential oil and plant-based remedies have been used for years in folk medicine. If you choose home remedies, be mindful of allergies and dilution instructions.

Touching the wart can cause the virus to spread to other parts of the foot, hand, or body. The wart can also spread to other people through contact. Be mindful of washing and drying your hands thoroughly after applying a treatment or changing bandages.

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